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A Static Site Generator for Fun and Profit

Saaru is a Static Site Generator written in Rust. Given markdown files and jinja templates, it generates a fully static HTML and CSS Site, optionally allowing you to use features such as Tags, Collections, and arbitrary JSON Content injection.

This website itself is generated by Saaru! Find the source here.

Saaru gives you the following -

Check out the source code on Github, or Get Started Now!

You can browse the entire site on the tags page, which features a list of all the collections present.

Quick Links

Collection: get_started

Usage → Let's get started using Saaru!

Getting Started with Saaru → Let's build our first site with Saaru!

Markdown Guide → See how Saaru uses Markdown!

Collection: index_pages

Saaru Documentation → Complete Documentation for Saaru!

Collection: internals

Tags → Understand how the tag system works

Frontmatter → Understand how the frontmatter of your markdown can be structured

Collections → Understand how the collections system works

Deep Data Merge → Understand how the deep data merge works

JSON → Understand how the JSON Content injection works

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