Understand how the tag system works

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Tags are one of the two ways one can organize their posts in Saaru. They're mentioned in the frontmatter of each post as follows, and are allowed to be a one-dimensional YAML Array of strings.

NOTE It isn't necessary to have tags in your post, neither is it necessary to have the tags field in your frontmatter.

title: Tags
description: Understand how the tag system works
wip: false
template: post.jinja
tags: # <-- here!
  - documentation
  - posts
  - saaru
  - internals

Just mentioning the collection that each post belongs to allows you to access the collections and their posts in your templates as follows ->

{% for tag in base.tags %}
  <a class="tag" href="/tags/{{tag}}"> {{tag}}</a>
{% endfor %}

IMPORTANT Saaru Automatically generates collection pages for tags, accessible by /tags/<tag name>