Let's get started using Saaru!

base intro saaru

Building a website

Running the program is simple. Once you have the repository cloned, you can use the following command to check out the example site ->

$ cargo run --release -- --base-path <your example_source directory>

Feel free to base your site off of the docs directory, which already has a bunch of templates pre-defined for you. It's got my name in there, but TODO Refactor soon enough.

$ cargo run --release -- --base-path ./example_source

If nothing's wrong, your entire site as HTML and CSS will present itself in the ./docs/build directory. From then onwards, all you need to do is launch a web server with ./docs/build as the source such as this package.

Live Reload

As of right now, Live reload is enabled by default, and is hidden behind a command line flag.

$ cargo run --release -- --base-path ./example_source --live-reload

As and when you make a change to a file and save the file, Saaru will re-render that file into the build directory. On your browser (or if your web server supports watching the file system, do nothing - ), hit refresh to see your content updated.